There’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ education program

At Coach House, we aren’t into one-size-fits-all programs like the expensive tuition franchises. When a student comes to us, we ask them one simple question: What are you struggling with right now? That’s our starting point.

Primary school students with learning difficulties including attention disorders, auditory and visual processing problems and dyslexia are best able to achieve when teachers go back to basics. Reading, phonics, spelling, punctuation, handwriting, times tables, fractions, algebra – these areas of learning are foundational to success. Coach House tutors work closely with students who have fallen behind and we see them light up when they master these critical skills.

If parents and care-givers do not address learning challenges that arise in the primary school years, problems will only worsen in secondary school. Sometimes, it’s tempting to lose hope. People think that solid literacy and numeracy skills will take years to acquire. But in fact, one-on-one tuition fast-tracks the process. Time and again, we see students develop these abilities quickly when they’re given the right help by experts.

Coach House tutors support and complement the hard work of teachers in local schools. With thirty years’ classroom experience, we understands the staggering workloads our teachers are facing.

“Looking around this area, we see so many areas of need – from learning difficulties and autism spectrum problems to sensory processing issues. But there are also high priority needs in the mainstream – primary kids transitioning to high school, or gifted students seeking more challenge, or de-motivated kids who need to rediscover the joy of learning. These people shouldn’t be overlooked. The great thing about our jobs is that Andy and I have the time, energy and proven strategies to invest in each of these kids.”

Ally Chumley, Coach House.

To contact Coach House for bookings or enquiries, call 0437 155 338 9am to 9pm seven days a week. To visit, call in at 22 Lake Street, Laurieton, or email us at

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