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Coach House is a one-stop shop for Home Schooling families. Contact us on 0437 155 338 or email allychumley@msn.com.

Home Schooling Registration. We help you with your application for approval with NESA, the National Education Standards Authority. We’ll also help you notify your child’s school of your intentions.

Education Programs. We create an individualised program that is as unique as your child, with everything you need to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. Full year and half-year programs are available.

Learning the Ropes. Home Schooling can feel daunting. We walk you through everything – preparation for inspections, motivating kids to work at home, assessing progress and collecting evidence of learning.

Pathways to the HSC and Beyond. We walk you through the pathways home schoolers can follow to complete their HSC and enrol in TAFE or University. Your child might get there even sooner than their peers!

Ensuring your program meets the requirements of NESA Our Home Schooling expert teacher provides everything families need to obtain their official registration with NESA. From Australian Curriculum and NESA-compliant programs and learning resources to weekly timetables and assessment plans – Coach House has you covered. Home Schooling families can submit our learning programs to support their application for NESA registration and can present student work generated throughout the program at their NESA inspection.

Primary NESA requires an educational program to cover six Key Learning Areas. In the Primary years, these are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment) comprising History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship)
  • Creative Arts
  • PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education)

Secondary For Secondary students, four compulsory Key Learning Areas (KLAs) and at least two electives are required:


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • HSIE (History, Geography, Commerce and more)


  • Creative Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Dance and more)
  • Technologies (Food Tech, Textiles, Woodwork, Digital Tech, Design and more)
  • Languages

Other NESA requirements

To obtain approval to home school your child, NESA also require the following:

  • a weekly schedule with appropriate time allocations (study hours) for each subject
  • an assessment plan
  • an educational resource list
  • a plan for collecting evidence of completed learning activities
  • evidence that you have arranged an appropriate learning space
  • your attendance at scheduled inspections

Australian Curriculum Alignment
Our learning programs align with the Australian Curriculum learning areas of English, Mathematics, Human Society and its Environment (History and Geography), Science, Creative Arts and Technologies. Our programs are designed to meet Australian Curriculum outcomes and are tailored specifically to your child’s passions and interests, needs, existing skills and abilities.

Australian Curriculum – New South Wales
For students in New South Wales, NESA advises families to implement programs specifically designed to meet the state-specific syllabus for each subject. This helps to enable seamless transition to and from the mainstream school system. Our programs are fully aligned with NESA’s state curriculum requirements for Stages 1 to 5 in all key learning areas.

Getting started If Home Schooling seems a good fit for your family, please contact us to arrange a meeting. We’ll talk about your child’s interests and assess their abilities so we can provide you with an individually tailored learning program that they will love.

Two Meetings We conduct meetings online via Zoom, Skype or Facebook, or in person at our premises at 22 Lake Street, Laurieton, on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

1 Initial Consultation: This meeting is all about us getting to know your child, so we can develop the right program for them. It’s also designed to guide you through the first steps of getting approval to home school. If you have reports or professional assessments you’d like us to consider, please bring them to the meeting. We ask that your child be present so we can get to know them and gain their input and feedback. Meetings generally take up to two hours.

2 Program Meeting: At this meeting, we present the finished Home School Program and walk you through the details. You will learn how to meet NESA’s requirements for time spent on each subject, assessing your child’s progress, collecting evidence of learning activities and preparing for inspections. We will have all your books and resources ready to collect so you can get started right away. This meeting will take up to two hours. We recommend bringing your child along.

Fees Our individually tailored Home School Programs cost $500 for a half-year and $900 for a full year, including GST. All books, student work books and reference materials are included. The fees also include charges for initial and advisory consultations.


MINI SCHOOL Some of our clients enjoy meeting up with other home schoolers in a small group setting. Coach House Mini School provides Home Schooling students with a traditional classroom experience from 11am until 2pm. Students receive clear, step-by-step teaching of content and techniques, with a focus on developing sound skills in English and Maths. Learning activities started in the classroom can be completed by students at home with minimal supervision to meet NESA’s home educational requirements.

In 2021, we are offering the following Mini School days.

MONDAYS—11am-2pm  Science and HSIE (History and Geography) Fee $88 (for a three-hour session with two specialist tutors)

TUESDAYS—11am-2pm  English and Mathematics Fee $88 (for a three-hour session with two specialist tutors)

Group sizes are capped at eight students to ensure that each person receives as much teacher attention as they need.

Mini School: helping families meet NESA requirements Mini school helps you cover the compulsory subjects – English, Mathematics, Science and HSIE (History and Geography). 

Elective subjects not covered by Mini School are Creative Arts (Visual Arts), Technology (Design & Technology), Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and Languages. However, these elective subjects are simple to pursue at home without the help of professional educators.

Mini School is suitable for students aged 11 – 14. Parents can present any student work generated at Mini School at their NESA inspection.

The image below summarises our Home Schoolers’ exploits in Term 3, 2020.

Specialist, one-on-one tuition in English and Maths We make provisions for local Home Schooling students to attend sessions during school hours. Sessions can be booked consecutively to cover both English and Maths in two hours. Our students receive clear, step-by-step teaching of content and techniques, with a focus on developing sound writing skills and sharper comprehension. This teaching is reinforced and extended with work at home. Learning activities started at Coach House can be completed by students at home with minimal supervision.

HSC English and Maths

Primary Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy for students with Dyslexia

Remedial Literacy for all ages

Browse our website for more information about our specialist tuition services.

Tuition fees Our tuition fees represent excellent value for money at $66 per hour session.

Child protection measures All our staff have Working with Children clearance, according to New South Wales government legislation. Please ask if you’d like to see our documentation or check it online.

Attendance and behavioural standards According to our contract, we expect that an enrolled child will attend each week throughout the term. In the event of an absence, we may offer opportunities for catch-up lessons at our discretion. Coach House reserves the right to deny access to individuals who infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others through defiance, bad language, aggressive behaviour, interference with property, bullying or harassment. Families can be assured that their children will be protected from bullying and harassment at Coach House.

Books and resources Some recommended resources and student workbooks are provided free of charge. Students will be provided with materials to work on at home to fulfil Australian Curriculum requirements. Certain textbooks are available for purchase and/or loan.

Current openings We currently have space at Mini School for Home Schoolers on Mondays and Tuesdays – 11:00am to 2:00pm.

To contact Coach House for bookings or enquiries, call 0437 155 338 9am to 9pm seven days a week. To visit, call in at 22 Lake Street, Laurieton, or email us at allychumley@msn.com.

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