Primary and Secondary English

At Coach House, we tutor students in all areas of English from beginning phonics and reading to handwriting, spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing in every form and genre. We work with students struggling with learning challenges including dyslexia and sensory processing issues. We also help kids with attention disorders to achieve their learning goals and have a great track record of success.

Whether your child needs to brush up on language and grammar skills or learn to read, write and spell from scratch, Coach House can meet their needs. Ally also teaches and revises popularly taught novels, plays, films, poets and non-fiction texts, essay writing, creative writing, comprehension, formal and informal writing, literary analysis and exam techniques for students in primary and secondary school to HSC and post-grad university.

English teaching

For twenty-five years, Ally has been a senior English teacher. She has worked in private and public schools around the country with students of all ages. Ally is a prolific writer and programmer and uses many of her own books as classroom resources. They began in the classroom and in the tuition setting, arising from her actual teaching processes. Ally documents tried and tested methods of presenting material that maximises students’ ability to comprehend, remember, analyse, synthesise, and apply knowledge.

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Low literacy intervention and remedial teaching

Ally is currently working on a brand new, comprehensive literacy program called SPELLS – Synthetic Phonics English Language Learning System. It is designed to re-teach the basics of reading and writing from the ground up, using the gold standard method of phonics that has been so neglected in recent years. SPELLS combines synthetic phonics (systematic teaching of the speech sounds) with immersive reading which is carefully levelled to ensure that students have been taught the speech sounds they read in the SPELLS readers.

When a new student comes to Coach House, they are assessed in a friendly, non-threatening manner, and the gaps in their literacy learning are identified. From the first lesson, Ally works through the 44 speech sounds and the 150 or so spelling variations of those sounds, ensuring that students develop the skills and systematic knowledge of spelling patterns that predict reading success as they progress through school.

The SPELLS program is delivered in a magical setting, using teaching aids like Magic Mirrors, Wands and personalised Scroll Charts – all designed to engage and delight students who may have developed a habitual dislike or fear of learning literacy-based skills. The SPELLS program is designed with sufficient room for differentiation to be suitable for students in both primary and secondary school.

Educational books

Ally has authored many English textbooks, classroom resources and literacy practice tests that are in regular use here in Australia and overseas.

Ally has worked on e-learning platform development with Blake Education (the publisher of Mathletics and Reading Eggs) and contributed a great deal of material to their WordFlyers platform.

To contact Coach House for bookings or enquiries, call 0437 155 338 9am to 9pm seven days a week. To visit, call in at 22 Lake Street, Laurieton, or email us at

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