Is your child struggling with Maths? We teach primary and secondary school Mathematics, including all HSC courses and extensions. For students still in their primary school years, our tutors take the long view to ensure that they will be high school-ready. Often, our teaching needs to go back to the beginning of early primary years, when learning first switched from concrete to abstract concepts. It doesn’t take as long as you might imagine to get kids caught up on what they’ve missed in earlier years. We recommend one to two lessons per week.

Primary Maths

Rather than giving kids extra work, Coach House tuition actually lightens the load for students. This is because we believe in helping them with homework along the way and using it as a springboard for on-the-spot teaching at the student’s point of need.

Our Managing Director and tutor, Andy Chumley, is a Learning Support Teacher specialising in Maths, Phonics and Mastery Learning. Andy patiently re-teaches work kids didn’t grasp in earlier years of their schooling.

“It all starts with times tables. If kids don’t know them, they’re not going to progress in Maths until they do.”

Andy Chumley, COach HOUSE

In tandem with learning the foundations of troublesome topics like fractions, decimals, percentages and algebra, we drill times tables. Andy is well-known for his mantra that ‘it all starts with times tables.’ If kids don’t know them, they’re not going to progress in Maths until they do.

Andy’s methods have been shown to conquer old problems, boosting confidence in his students. Lately, two of Andy’s students have snagged awards from their schools for excellent improvements in Maths.

Secondary Maths

For our secondary school Mathematics students, Darryl Mason will guide you in thorough and comprehensive revision of all concepts, topics and skills covered in the secondary school years. Anything you missed will be re-explained and practised until you obtain mastery and confidence.

Darryl has a stellar record of helping his students achieve Band 6 results in HSC Maths. He has seen students who failed their Trial HSC exams turn things around to gain pleasing results just months later. There are no tricks or secrets – just expert, quality re-teaching of all concepts students never grasped at school. The magic lies in identifying each student’s individual needs and learning style, then working with them until they not only ‘get it’, but master the skill until they are brimming with confidence.

To contact Coach House for bookings or enquiries, call 0437 155 338 9am to 9pm seven days a week. To visit, call in at 22 Lake Street, Laurieton, or email us at

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