“My son was a late-starting reader struggling with dyslexia. Ally has worked with him for the past six months and now I see him picking up books that interest him and reading for pleasure. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

mum of primary school student, Laurieton

“I needed to get a high ATAR score to get into a competitive university course. I was struggling with English, and I was surprised at how quickly my marks and my confidence improved. I achieved my goal in the HSC and have now graduated from uni. Throughout my studies, Ally kept in touch and continued to help me write academic papers. So Coach House feels like family to me.”
Rebecca, Port Macquarie

“Andy worked with my daughter to improve her Maths, and I was impressed by his rapport with students. His approach is thorough and practical and we’ve seen not only higher test scores but greater confidence and enjoyment of learning as well. In fact, my daughter won a Maths Award at school the following term.”
Kristy, Comboyne

“I went to Coach House to get some help with my TAFE course and the tutor went the extra mile to help me organise my notes and polish up my writing. Beforehand, I was worried I would fail my course, but the coaching translated to higher marks, and far less stress.”
Name withheld, North Haven

“I am a home schooling mum and three of my children were enrolled in Coach House’s Mini-School all last year. The program provides all of the week’s work for English, History, Geography and Science, which really makes a difference for home schooling parents. The girls are progressing well in all areas of their studies and appreciate the opportunity for interaction with other students their age.”
Tania, Wauchope

“In 2019, my three children all attended Coach House’s Mini-School for home schooled students. As a home schooling family, we’ve found that the classroom experience offered at Coach House really motivates our kids. Their spelling, grammar and written work has improved considerably in the short time they’ve been enrolled and the full-day program offered great value for money.”
John, Wauchope

“Ally has helped me with academic writing in my post-grad research thesis. She is a whizz at academic referencing and re-structuring essays and papers. Because I was studying engineering and English was my second language, I wasn’t sure if Coach House could help me. But I found the skills they teach translate to many areas of learning beyond English and Maths.”
Sayeed, Sydney

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To contact Coach House for bookings or enquiries, call 0437 155 338 9am to 9pm seven days a week. To visit, call in at 22 Lake Street, Laurieton, or email us at allychumley@msn.com.

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