Tuition fees

At Coach House, we view our work as a mission. We keep our fees affordable so working families can invest in an excellent education for their children.

Primary and Secondary Tuition (Kindergarten to Year 10) $66 per session

HSC English and Mathematics tuition $77 per session

Scholarships We offer two scholarships each year. We are now taking applicants for 2021.

The Trevor Minett Scholarship The Trevor Minett Scholarship is offered in honour of Ally’s father, whose superpower of invincibility finally failed him in 2015. Trevor’s spirit of adventure and his brilliant mind left a great legacy among those who knew and loved him. He never had the opportunity to complete a formal education, but he instilled in his daughters a love for learning and for living according to one’s personal convictions.

The greatest sadness in Trevor’s life was the loss of his father when he was just eighteen. His adult life began as the story of a broken young man who was simply lost without his Dad, and at times, without his Mum as well. But although he sometimes battled with self-doubt and disappointment, financial loss and outright disaster, he never stopped working for a better future. Countless children experience Trevor’s tragedy – a young man growing into adulthood without a Dad. We had our dear father for much of our adult lives – a truly great gift, which is why Coach House is offering this tuition scholarship to one student every year. We sincerely hope it makes a difference. Trevor Minett — thank you for your legacy.

The Trevor Minett Scholarship fully funds the tuition of one student for a ten-week term. Total value $660 per term.

The Zelna Hodges Scholarship The Zelna Hodges Scholarship is offered in honour of a wonderful woman whose exemplary life touched many young people and gave them a second chance by supporting their education. Zelna’s valuing of family and education created opportunities for children who would otherwise have remained unable to realise their potential.

Throughout her life, Zelna selflessly reached out her helping hand to others in imitation of her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. She dedicated her time, resources and love to children and young people here in Australia and overseas, though she herself often faced difficult financial, physical and emotional circumstances.

Zelna lived most of her 96 years in her beloved Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. We are thankful for her influence and through this scholarship program for one student each year, we intend to ensure that her legacy remains alive in this generation.

The Zelna Hodges Scholarship funds a 50% discount on tuition fees for one student for a ten-week term. Total value $330 per term.

To apply for one of our scholarships for 2021, please contact us by email at

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